(Last updated in: 01/05/2018 - 5:44pm)

Experts compare political and economic outlooks for Brazil and Portugal

On January 8, professors Cesar Zucco, Daniela Campello, and Octavio Amorim Neto, from FGV’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), will participate in the seminar ‘Crises, Votes, and Semi-presidentialism: a Comparative Outlook of Portugal and Brazil’. The event will be organized in partnership by the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), from Portugal, and EBAPE, held at the main office of the ICS, in Lisbon.

The goal is to discuss the recent Portuguese and Brazilian experiences amidst the steep political and economic crises, as well as institutional reform efforts in light of new scholarly works regarding semi-presidentialism in Portugal and within modern-day democracies.

The adoption of the so-called ‘Portuguese semi-presidentialism’ has been supported by major sectors of the Brazilian political class. The seminar will discuss the validity and feasibility of this proposal based on the books and papers that will be discussed during the seminar.

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