(Last updated in: 07/04/2017 - 5:58pm)

Event held by FGV’s Startup Club generates online audience interaction

Diversity in investments, discussions on the Angel Investor Act and “expectations vs. reality” were some of the key topics discussed during the Startup Club event held on June 22 at Fundação Getulio Vargas. The event featured debates with the Head of Tax Planning and Business Development at Gaia (GSGA), Leonardo Clark, ORO Investment Group partner, Paulo Baroni, Anjos do Brasil representative, Paulo Queiroz, and professor Alexandre Linhares, from FGV’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE). The panels were moderated by the CEO of Price Ninja and EBAPE alum Bernardo Machado, who earned an Academic Master’s in Administration from the institution.

The event was promoted by FGV’s EBAPE Alumni Network, discussing key aspects of projects and investments in the country, with a special focus on the engagement of the Startup Club system developed by EBAPE students and alumni – including Bernardo Machado and Marcelo Brogliato, who have provided alternatives for new investors and entrepreneurs to develop their projects and launch new ventures.

During the event, professor Alvaro Cyrino, deputy dean of EBAPE, stressed the importance of the EBAPE Alumni’s initiative to the community, as these former students continue to be an integral part of the School, and mentioned how these types of actions open up a world of possibilities.

“The Alumni network will always contribute as much as possible to develop and strengthen the community by supporting projects and initiatives such as the Startup Club”, added Cyrino.

During the event, Bernardo Machado emphasized that the Startup Club was initially conceived as a startup investment club, but over time and due to the uncertain outlook for the country, the system evolved to meet other demands, such as counseling, preparing and helping current and potential entrepreneurs with information tailored to the needs of each business.

After the debates, Bernardo Machado opened up the panel to attendee interaction, receiving online questions about each lecture and answering them in real time. He reminded the audience that the Startup Club system offers monthly meetings and lectures with panel participants. During these meetings, entrepreneurs can pitch their projects and receive guidance on how to achieve specific goals and which paths to take.