(Last updated in: 08/01/2017 - 9:30am)

CGU invites EBAPE professor to talk about transparency and access to information

Gregory Michener, professor of FGV’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), was invited to the presentation ‘Transparency and access to information’ on August 4, at 3:30 pm, at Fecomercio, in Rio de Janeiro. The event is part of a series of ten lectures under the theme ‘Transparency and Social Control,’ held by the Federal Accounting Council (CFC) and the Office of the Federal Controller General (CGU), supported by the Regional Accounting Councils (CRC).

The project, which began in April, aims to educate accounting professionals, civil servants, and civil society about the importance of transparency, social control, and communication between the federated entities and the beneficiaries of public services.

The professor will join the panel alongside Érica Bezerra, General Coordinator of Access to Information Resources (OGU/CGU), mediated by the State Auditor-General, Rui César, discussing the research presented in the event celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Access to Information Act (LAI). The meeting will also feature the Federal Ombudsman General, Gilberto Waller Júnior, and the Superintendent of the CGU in Rio de Janeiro, Fabio do Valle Valgas da Silva, in addition to representatives of the CFC and CRC.

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