Career opportunities for students and Alumni, in partnership between FGV EBAPE, Internship and Career Development Center and Visagio

A parceria tem como objetivo conectar a rede Alumni e  alunos da FGV com a plataforma da Visagio, através de palestras, workshops e capacitações. 


Visagio, the largest business transformation and development platform in Brazil, in partnership with the FGV EBAPE Alumni Network and the FGV Internship and Career Development Center, will develop integration actions and offer opportunities for the Alumni network and the School's students! 

With a global presence in +50 countries, 5 offices and projects in the 20 largest companies listed on the stock exchange, Visagio's operations are accelerated by the integration between business expertise with capabilities in technology, products/artificial intelligence and investments, being for the client a One Stop Shop of solutions. The company's core is the development of talents, with an environment of high attractiveness and engagement with genuine purpose, mission and culture, operating in the following areas of activity: 

Business Consulting and Management: aimed at university students and graduates who wish to work in direct contact with clients from different industries, as well as carry out challenging projects on different topics, helping partners from diagnosis and strategy design to the implementation and operationalization of solutions. 

Technology: aimed at university students and graduates who wish to develop themselves in Data Engineering, Business Intelligence (BI) and Process Automation (RPA) projects, taking part in the design, management, development and implementation of business solutions. 

Data Science: aimed at university students and graduates who wish to participate in projects involving Data Science such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optimization and Simulation. Assists in the development of analyzes and implementation of basic data solutions to generate value for customers. 

Development: aimed at university students and graduates, who seek to develop digital solutions in multidisciplinary teams, serving clients of different sizes and sectors. Assists in the entire life cycle of digital solutions, including support and continuous improvement of solutions. 

“We are the best company to work for in Rio de Janeiro for the second year in a row! We began our journey 20 years ago in Rio and we are very proud of what we have built so far, alongside our partners and Visagians! We were also recognized by GPTW as a reference in emotional health, highlighting our commitment to improving even more and seeking to build a better place for those who are yet to come!”, highlights Visagio partner, Nikollas Oliveira. 

On October 19th, Visagio will promote a Caminhos Talk at its office in Rio de Janeiro. If you are interested in participating in this meeting, register using the link below and don't miss this opportunity!

Spaces are limited! 


For more information about Visagio, watch the manifesto:


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