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As part of its internationalization strategy, the School strives to ensure that all its students become fluent in English, thus enabling them to have easy access to programs outside Brazil, while also endowing them with a comparative advantage on the business and academic job markets.  Consequently, FGV EBAPE has stepped up its efforts to sign academic partnership agreements with leading institutions all over the world, in addition to building up even closer links with its current partners.
This academic cooperation takes place in many different ways, including student exchange agreements, staff exchange, faculty exchange, cooperative research projects, short international modules for professional Master’s students, double degree programs and other incentives for student mobility.

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General Information:

The Exchange Program is open to all students seeking international experience, offering great opportunities to study abroad while paying the usual monthly fee to EBAPE, with no additional outlays or extra expenses at the host institution.
Although EBAPE recommends students for the International Exchange Program, final acceptance is decided by host institutions.
At undergraduate level, requests must be forwarded to the Undergraduate Program Office, which will assist students to sign up for courses that contribute to their academic plans, in the area of management.
For Master’s Degrees, courses will be ranked as electives, and equivalency request forms must be forwarded by students to the EBAPE General Secretariat. Expenses such as visa application fees, airfares, housing, food, international health insurance, and personal outlays are the student’s responsibility.
Applying for student visas is the responsibility of the students, and information on the required documentation must be obtained from the consulate of the country in question.  This information should be obtained as soon as possible, so that the necessary steps may be taken well in advance, avoiding problems. Selected candidates may drop out of the International Exchange Program up to 90 days before the course begins abroad, with this withdrawal formally notified by e-mail.

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Exchange Program Registration Dates

Remember that acceptance deadlines will have already expired at some foreign schools by April (for the fall term) and October (for the spring term), so send in your application as early as possible!

Exchange Program for the second semester of 2017: February 15 – April 15, 2017

Applications will not be accepted with incomplete documentation or submitted after April 15.

Exchange Program during the second semester of 2018: July 25 – September 25

Applications will not be accepted with incomplete documentation or when submitted after September 25. 

Applications should be submitted to the International Relations Department, and subsequently to the Academic Records Office (SRA) with full documentation; they will be accepted by order of arrival through confirmation of the place by the partner school.
These periods do not include short or summer courses.