Bachelor’s Degree

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Requirements for undergraduate students to take part in the Exchange Program:

Students must:

  • Be regularly enrolled in the EBAPE Bachelor’s Program for the academic period of the application;
  • Have completed at least three semesters of the EBAPE Bachelor’s Program.  Transfer students must have completed three semesters, of which at least two form part of the EBAPE Bachelor’s Program;
  • Have a grade point average of at least 7.0;
  • Present documentary proof of proficiency in the language of the host country or the specific program.

Required documents:

Steps in the selection procedure and required documentation

  1. Submission of all required documentation to the Academic Records Office (SRA) at least 120 days prior to the beginning of the program abroad:
    • Completed and signed Application Form
    • Study Plan with description of courses to be taken;
    • Copy of Academic Transcript to prove GPA score.
  2. Outcome of final evaluation by the Selection Committee.

Exchange Course Validation

After returning from an exchange program, students have up to six months to validate (1) the courses taken at the partner school.  After this deadline, validation will not be permitted.

For validation purposes, students should file a Request (Requerimento) (2) with the Academic Records Office (SRA), supported by the following documentation:
  • Full Exchange Report (form for this of the student before travelling on the exchange program);
  • Original transcript from the exchange host schools;
  • Translation (not sworn) of the descriptions of the courses taken (3);
  • Attendance Certificate (form forwarded to the student before travelling on the exchange program) that must be signed and stamped by a postschool representative.

1 - For validation purposes, one course with four European Credits (part of the European Credit  Transfer System (ECTS) is equivalent to a 30-hour course .
2 - The Request (Requerimento) must clearly list the courses taken that the student wishes to validate, as well as showing those that the student wants only to include in the academic records.
3 - Should the student select courses while staying in the host country other than those listed in the original exchange program application, it is vital for the student to enter into contact by email with the EBAPE International Relations Department and the Bachelor’s Degree Coordinator, in order to request permission to sign up for the desired course.  This is vital in order to avoid problems when applying for validation after returning home. 

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