International Modules

(Last updated in: 05/17/2018 - 6:55pm)

Through its International Relations Department, FGV EBAPE runs every year a series of international modules, in collaboration with its institutional partners by means of reciprocal agreements. These agreements result from the School’s internationalization strategy, which seeks to provide all of its students with the opportunity to study abroad.  The activities encompassed by this strategy include international modules open to professional Master’s students who do not have the same international exposure opportunities as those who take part in other EBAPE programs.

The School strives to ensure that its professional Master’s students become involved with matters that are important to society, as well as become familiar with local, regional and multi-regional business contexts and customs, particularly those relating to the region where a specific international partner is located. It is hoped that the experience gained during this exposure will result in a better understanding, on the part of FGV EBAPE’s students, on management practices in different parts of the world.