International Relations Department

(Last updated in: 03/24/2020 - 4:13pm)

Through the International Relations Department (RI), FGV EBAPE has signed partnership agreements with leading management and business schools all over the world, offering students and partners exchange of experiences aligned with the professional outlook of an increasingly globalized market. The idea is to foster internationalization among  students, opening up opportunities for exchange among faculty members and working more closely with international academic institutions.

The International Relations Department has helped step up FGV EBAPE’s international strategy through actions designed to disseminate its programs among students, backed by an international faculty underpinned by a Visiting Professors Program.  In addition to exchange opportunities for its own students, EBAPE also offers undergraduate and graduate courses taught in English, together with personalized programs for visiting schools.

International Relations Staff

International Officer

Mônica Balanda
Tel: (55 21) 3083 2401

International Relations Assistant

Evelyn Oliveira
Tel: (55 21) 3083 2403

International Relations Assistant – Incoming Students

Beatriz Araujo
Tel: (55 21) 3083 2751