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The key driver of FGV EBAPE’s internationalization strategy is to strengthen the School´s position in the global market as an internationally renowned center of excellence in the provision of quality research and teaching in the area of administration. In order to achieve this, the School aims to provide the maximum international exposure to its students and staff, by developing and increasing the number and quality of academic agreements, thus attracting more international students and faculty, and therefore contributing to the enrichment of the courses on offer and the institution as a whole.

EBAPE believes that the internationalization of the School generates a number of benefits, namely that it helps create a diverse environment, which, in turn, provides fresh perspectives and helps nurture creativity, innovation and flexibility, thereby drawing on a variety of approaches and perspectives to work and resolve problems, tapping hidden capacity for growth and encouraging staff and students to give their best. This diverse environment generated by internationalization has a positive impact on the overall operations of the School, helping broaden the horizons of its staff and, more importantly, its students, by preparing them to become leaders in both the public and private sectors of this country, as well as to meet the challenges posed by globalization.

FGV EBAPE’S key international initiatives

Over the last eight years, on the international front, EBAPE has carried out a number of initiatives aimed at underpinning the School´s overall mission, which is to contribute to Brazil’s social and economic development, improving the nation’s ethical standards, promoting responsible and shared governance practices, and placing the country business and government leaders in a prominent position in the national and international arena. Some of these initiatives are described below:

  • International Mobility Program: : with a view to preparing its students for greater international exposure, FGV EBAPE has set up partnerships with leading universities in several countries, thus offering exchange opportunities to its students, as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with visiting exchange students from all over the world.
  • International Executive Programs: in addition to traditional student exchange programs, EBAPE has signed agreements with renowned international business schools in order to offer special programs to Executive Master’s students, such as the International Master´s in Practicing Management (IMPM) and the Global Executive MBA (IMM).
  • Courses Taught in English: The School offers MSc and PhD in Administration and the Master In Management programs taught entirely in English, as well as a number of undergraduate courses, open to internationational students.
  • Research Exchange: : FGV EBAPE is also heading up projects with a view to attracting Higher Education Institutions from outside Brazil to conduct research and publish papers, thus encouraging the formation of a network of researchers focused on the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  • Accreditation:The high level of FGV EBAPE’s internationalization is also attested by major international accreditation bodies in the fields of Public and Business Administration. FGV EBAPE currently holds the accreditation seals of AACSB International (AACSB), the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS-EFMD) and the International Commission on Accreditation of Public Administration Education (ICAPA). These important accreditations awarded to FGV EBAPE reflect the international acknowledgement of the quality of the School. The strategy of pursuing accreditations reinforces the School’s commitment to innovation and the continuous improvement of its bachelor's, masters and doctoral programs, as well as its highly qualified faculty. Being part of international networks of excellence and providing the exchange of ideas and experiences to students are therefore FGV EBAPE’s central priorities. For further information on FGV EBAPE’s accreditations, view the Accreditations webpage.