Strategy plan

Our 5-year strategic plan (2021-2025) is an opportunity to reposition FGV EBAPE in the marketplace, incorporating new brand attributes, prioritizing, refreshing, and launching new programs, and looking into opportunities for operational excellence – while defending areas of competitive advantage.

The plan was informed by a comprehensive consultation process conducted between October 2020 and March 2021. Members of the FGV EBAPE community were invited to share their views in relation to macro forces impacting the higher education market, the competitive environment, emerging challenges facing our society, and new opportunities that the School could explore. Faculty, students, staff, alumni, and market players provided valuable insights that were complemented by high-level desktop research to understand what other top-class business schools are doing around the world.

The strategic plan’s central objective was to develop a unified vision of the future and establish FGV EBAPE’s strategic north to ratifying and rectifying the plan of initiatives currently underway.


The strategic plan was structured to cover three lines of action:

Promoting growth with new initiatives Fixing existing initiatives for growth Defending areas of competitive advantage
  • Build an aspirational brand (widely known & distinct): premier, international, socially responsible, entrepreneurial & innovative – content delivery to be adjusted accordingly
  • Refocused to grow the practice-oriented business, prioritizing undergrad (traditional and tech) as an engine to drive volume, restructuring underperforming programs
  • Increase penetration in the private sector (B2B)
  • Design and implement EBAPE’s Ventures Lab, embracing entrepreneurship spirit in the school
  • Covering white spaces (DBA, Lifelong : debundling) for additional growth
  • Gradually develop the role of academic coordinator to product manager / program director
  • Continuing work on communication (internal & external)
  • Constantly assess compensation, measures & incentives to attract and retain a diverse, highly engaged, accountable and productive faculty
  • Digitalization and automation of processes to drive productivity
  • Leverage synergies between programs and departments
  • Design and implement new FGV EBAPE student journey (pre / during / post)
  • Continuous incentive to sustain our leading research reputation
  • Expand our leading international presence, deepening existing relationships
  • Sustain and advance our leading position in quality rankings
  • Sustain and advance our leading market position in the public sector
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The strategic plan defined six major pathways:

Constant pursuit of academic distinction, defending our remarkable teaching and research reputation, well-established international networks, and privileged market position in the public sector. Attract, train and retain a diverse, highly engaged, accountable and productive faculty.
Continuing expansion of our international presence in research, teaching, regaining space in Latin America, establishing new cooperation efforts in developed and emerging markets (particularly Portuguese Africa and Asia);
Gradual repositioning of FGV EBAPE’s presence in the market to be fully perceived as an aspirational brand (widely known and distinct), reinforcing the following attributes: premier, academically strong, international, socially responsible, entrepreneurial, and innovative. Go-to-market and content delivery to be adjusted accordingly. Design and implementation of a new FGV EBAPE’s distinct first-class student experience.
Intensifying our connection with the industry, particularly the private sector, improving the dialogue between the School and the corporate world, bridging theory and practice, responding to real-world needs, exploring market-sensitive fields in teaching and research, and taking advantage of high-class applied research (e.g., FGV EBAPE’s Ventures Lab). Defend our leading position in the public sector.
Strengthening our practice-oriented programs, prioritizing undergraduate programs as an engine for growth, restructuring underperforming programs, planning the launch of a DBA program, and looking into opportunities to offer Lifelong Learning (DBA and lifelong learning are two important white spaces to be covered in the short-term);
Improving our operational excellence with automation, digitalization, business intelligence, and leveraging FGV EBAPE’s existing assets. Synergies between programs and support functions to drive quality, productivity, and engagement. Fine tuning curriculum to reflect new positioning (international, socially responsible, entrepreneurial & innovative). Gradually progressing the role of the Academic Coordinator to become a Product Manager / Program Director.




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