The purpose behind the introduction of a self-assessment system by the FGV EBAPE is to ascertain the compatibility between the academic excellence it pursues for its teaching activities and the quality perceived by the various players engaged in the assessment process, such as faculty, students, technical and academic staff, alumni and society in general.

Furthermore, through its Self-Assessment Committee, this Business School also intends to explore the possibilities of upgrading its academic and administrative activities.

Guided by the outcomes of these assessments, the FGV EBAPE Board reflects on its academic management and aspects that uphold the acknowledged excellence of its teaching activities, with regard to:

  • Educational projects at the different teaching levels where it operates (undergraduate and graduate);
  • Introduction of its students to the job market (acceptance of its proposed alumni profiles);
  • Faculty (quantity, quality, qualifications, professional experience, academic output, personnel policy, career paths etc);
  • Physical infrastructure and technology-based resources (library, laboratories, classrooms, auditoriums etc);
  • Suitability of its technical and administrative staff (quantity, appropriate job skills as required to support Program activities, development etc);
  • Aligning its teaching and research policies with those established by the Ministry of Education and Culture, matching the best practices used by peer institutions;
  • Contributions to the development of Brazil as established in the School Mission and acknowledged throughout its history, right from the start.

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