Luiz Alberto dos Santos

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Educational Background

PhD in Social Sciences – Comparative Studies of the Americas, CEPPAC/University of Brasília (2008); Communications Studies – Cinema, University of Brasília (2006); Master’s in Administration, University of Brasília (1996); Specialist in Public Policies and Government Administration, National Public Administration School (ENAP) (1990); Juridical and Social Sciences, Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (1988); Communications Studies – Publicity and Advertising, Pontifical Catholic University in Rio Grande do Sul State (PUC-RS) (1983).


Public Policies, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Pensions Law, Regulatory Law and Regulatory Policy, Governance and Governability, Legislative Proceedings.  Deputy Head (Deputy Minister), Presidential Staff (2003–2014); Board Member, Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S.A – Eletrobrás / Eletronorte power utility (2003–2014).  Professor, Regulatory Law, FGV Management (São Paulo and Brasília); Professor, Public Policies, Professional Master’s in Public Administration, FGV/EBAPE since 2012; Member, Latin American Public Administration Group (GLAP/IIAS) since 2011; Coordinator, Management Committee, Institutional Capacity-Building Program for Regulation Management (PRO-REG) (2007–2014); he coordinated the Interministerial Working Group that drew up the Report on the Analysis and Assessment of the Role of Regulators in the Current Brazilian Institutional Arrangements and the Draft Bill Nº 3,337 that became the General Regulators Act in 2004; Consultant and contributor to the -Association Parliamentary Advisory Department (DIAP) (1992–2002 and again since 2014); Consultant, Federal Senate Legislative, Public Administration Area (since 2002); among other works, author of Reforma Administrativa no Contexto da Democracia, published by DIAP/ARKO Advice Editorial (1997) and Agencificação, Publicização, Contratualização e Controle Social - possibilidades no âmbito da reforma do aparelho do Estado published by DIAP (2000); Technical and Legal Adviser to the Workers Party Leadership in the Lower House (1992–2002); Specialist in Public Policies and Government Administration, Federal Executive Branch (1990–2002).

Research Interests

  • Public Policies;
  • Governance and Governability;
  • Public Administration;
  • Regulation;
  • Social Security and Supplementary Pensions;
  • Public Integrity and Transparency;
  • Legislative Proceedings;
  • Budget Proceedings. 


Professional Master’s In Public Administration (MAP)