José Henrique Paim Fernandes

Contact Information: 


Contact Information: 

Tel.:(55 21) 3083-2929


Educational Background

José Henrique Paim-Fernandes has a bachelor`s degree in Economic Sciences (1991) from UNISINOS-RS and completed a professional development program in the Instrumentation of Municipal Public Policies, offered by Pimes/World Bank and held at the Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration (IBAM) (1993), and was awarded the title of “Notório Saber” in Education (a form of honorary degree) by UFRGS.


He has held technical, counselling and advisory positions in both public and mixed economy enterprises, public entities and organizations and professional associations, among others. In the field of public administration on a municipal level, he has occupied the posts of Secretary for Funding and International Cooperation, and that of International Relations Coordinator for the City of Porto Alegre. In terms of public administration at the state level, he has held the position of Secretary for Coordination and Planning for the State of Rio Grande do Sul, and on the federal level, he has held a number of important executive positions. These have included posts at the Special Department of the Economic and Social Development Council to the President of the Republic, where he was Undersecretary, and, especially at the Ministry of Education (MEC), where from 2006 he held the positions of President of the National Education Development Fund (FNDE) and Executive Secretary. José Henrique Paim-Fernandes is a lecturer, author of a number of publications and has received numerous medals, certificates and honorary titles. He is a certified professor at the Centro Universitário La Salle (Unilasalle).

He worked for eleven years (2004 to2014) at the Ministry of Education (MEC), where he held the positions of Minister of State, Executive Secretary and President of the FNDE. He was also Director for Social Affairs at the BNDES (2015 to 2016). José is currently a professor at FGV/EBAPE and an Education Consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).




Professional Master’s In Public Administration (MAP)

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