Istvan Karoly Kasznar

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Educational Background

PhD in Business Administration, California Coast University, Los Angeles, USA.  MSc in Economics (FGV/EPGE).  BSc in Business and Public Administration (FGV/EBAPE).  Economist, Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ).


EXPERIENCE in the business, managerial, banking, agricultural, educational, corporate and institutional research and consultancy areas, for private and public companies in Brazil and abroad; Advisor to the President, FGV; Coordinator, State and Municipality Studies Program (PEEM/EBAPE) and Healthcare, Welfare and Social Security Studies Center (NESPAS); Economist with Citibank (1985–1986); Economic and Planning Superintendent, Rio de Janeiro Development Agency (1988–1989); President, Technical Economics and Planning Commission, Bank Productivity Institute, Rio de Janeiro State Banks Association and Trade Union (SBERJ/ABERJ); CEO of the Institutional Business international consulting firm; Head Economist Credit, Investment and Financing Companies Association (SECIF); Author and co-author of 22 technical books in the fields of: Economics, Sports Economics; Public Finance; International Finance; Public Health, Social Welfare and Social Security.  Consultant and advisor on Brazilian and international public and private projects.

Fields of Interest

  • Economics – Stabilization Policies: Integrated; Monetary; Fiscal; Foreign Exchange; Prices; Wages; Income Distribution
  • Corporate Strategy and Structuring
  • Advanced Management and Corporate Governance Formulating Adverse Public Policies
  • Healthcare, Social Security and Social Welfare
  • Corporate Finance; Public Finance and International Finance
  • Banking and Financial and Quasi-Financial Systems
  • Socio-Politics of the Elites and Upper-Tier Economic Interests
  • Advanced Localization Marketing, Logistics and Distribution
  • Sports Economics
  • Trade, Fair Trade and International Trade


Master's in Business Administration (MEX)