Henrique Guilherme Carlos Heidtmann Neto

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Educational Background

PhD in Public Administration and Government, São Paulo Business Administration School, Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV/EAESP).  Specialist in Public Policies and Planning, Higher Amazon Studies Center, Pará Federal University (UFPA-NAEA), where he also earned a BBA. 


Professor and Researcher at the FGV/EBAPE, where he is also the Coordinator of the Graduate Studies area and the Institutional Planning and Evaluation System.  A Contributing Fellow of the Public Administration and Government Studies Center(CEAPG) at the FGV/EAESP, where he was involved in the Public Administration and Citizenship Program (PGPC) focused on identifying and disseminating innovative government initiatives (2006–2008).  He was the Deputy Dean of the University in Amazonia, and a full professor at this institution for the Administration Program (2009– 2010).  In 2008 he was a consultant for the Sustainability Studies Center (CES) at the FGV/EAESP, involved in outlining the public policies monitoring field for the Juruti municipality in Pará State, in partnership with ALCOA.  He worked at the Public Sector Policy and Economy Studies Center (CEPESP) of the FGV/EAESP, where he served as a consultant to the World Bank for developing Local Economic Development Strategy research projects, as well as for UNICEF and the Goiás Teaching, Evaluation and Research Center (CEAPG), preparing research projects analyzing public policies addressing the status of children and adolescents in Brazil semiarid drylands (2007).  In the academic management field, he was a consultant for the preparation of the Education Project under the Institutional Development Plan and the planning and organization of work by the National Higher Education Evaluation System (SINAES), providing input for the In-House Evaluation Commission at the FGV/EAESP (2004–2005 and 2007).  He served as a reviewer and evaluator for the National Association for Graduate Studies and Research in Administration (ANPAD), as well as several academic congresses in his fields of interest. 

Fields of Interest

  • Public Policies
  • Local Development Strategies
  • Administration of Institutions of Higher Education