Francisco Gaetani

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Contact Information: 

Educational Background

PhD in Public Administration and Master’s in Public Administration and Public Policies, both from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and Bachelor’s in Economic Sciences, Minas Gerais Federal University (UFMG). 


A former Executive Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment, he specialized in Public Administration, holding the following positions: Adjunct Executive Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MPOG); Administration Secretary, Management Bureau (MPOG); Qualifications Director, National Public Administration School (ENAP); Director, Minas Gerais School of Government/João Pinheiro Foundation; Academic Planning Adviser, Minas Gerais Federal University (UFMG); and Project Manager, João Pinheiro Foundation, among others.  During the Roussef Administration, he was Executive Secretary at the Ministry of Planning, Budget Management, and has been President of the National Public Administration School (ENAP) since 2016.
His career track is: Specialist in Public Policies and Government Administration (PEG). 

Fields of Interest

  • Public Policies
  • Public Administration
  • Academic Planning
  • Human Resources Management


Professional Master’s In Public Administration (MAP)