Program duration
Regular program: 15 months| Double degree program: 21 months
Application period
01/07 - 28/02/2023
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Program duration

  • Regular program: 15 months 

  • Double degree program: 21 months

Frequency and hours

Starting in the first semester of the calendar year, classes occur every three months, from Monday to Thursday, in the morning and afternoon. Makeup classes are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Students who choose the regular program modality can choose between the General Management or Sustainability Management in Emerging Markets academic tracks. Those who choose the double degree program can opt for a few different alternatives for degrees, from Católica-Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Montpellier Business School, or ESCP Business School. In all institutions, students take compulsory and elective courses and participate in extra courses and lectures. 


Students who graduate from FGV EBAPE’s Master in Management receive the Master’s Degree in Administration. 

Students of the double degree program have the following options: 


  • Double degree program FGV EBAPE – Católica-Lisbon School of Business & Economics: Master’s degree in administration from both institutions 

  • Double degree program FGV EBAPE-ESCP:   Master’s degree in administration from both institutions 

  • Double degree program FGV EBAPE-Montpellier Business School: Master’s degree in administration from both institutions 


Head of the Master in Management

Consulting Project

The Consulting Project allows students to implement what they have learned in theory. Students need to carry out a strategic consulting project for a partner organization, solving real problems. 

Partner schools

FGV EBAPE is committed to promoting the internationalization of its activities, establishing partnerships with the best business and administration schools worldwide, and building the best opportunities for students, professors, and institutions. 

Find the list of partner schools here. 

The Sustainability Management in Emerging Markets academic track offers students content and practical projects and experiences in Brazil’s critical environmental regions, which often present vulnerabilities. 


The Sustainability Management in Emerging Markets academic track is organized into three periods, lasting one quarter each: 

Stage 1 (July to October) 

Core courses on sustainability: 

In this quarter, students are exposed to critical concepts and challenges faced by sustainability management and development. The scope is wide enough to address institutional strengthening, capacity building, sustainable development, climate change, green finance, inequality and social policies, forest management, and biodiversity (conservation and economic exploitation), among others. 

Click here to see the core courses. 

Stage 2 (October to December) 

Stage 2 (October to December) 

In addition to extra short courses, this trimester offers hands-on experiences that will help students broaden and deepen their knowledge, fostering a broad network of local and international partners. 

Click here to see the extra courses. 

This period is made up of three main components: 

  •  Additional 15-hour courses; 
  • Possibility of immersion in the Amazon; 
  • Possibility of consulting projects with partner organizations to solve a specific organizational problem 

Lectures and Networking 

This final period offers a series of lectures with leading experts in business, academia, and social entrepreneurship from Brazil and abroad. 

Stage 3 (from January to May) 

Research and thesis  

Students are expected to devote significant time and effort to completing the literature review, fine-tuning the research question, collecting and analyzing data, and writing and defending the master’s thesis with the advisor’s support. 

Double Degree Program

The FGV EBAPE’s double degree program has three renowned schools to choose from: 

Professional development activities

Triple accreditation

FGV EBAPE is a well-known and reputed school, recognized by leading international accreditation institutions for its outstanding programs, faculty, and syllabus: 


Academic Excellence


MiM’s professors stand out for their academic quality and are among the best in the country. They all hold PhDs obtained in prestigious institutions, actively participate in internationally recognized conferences and research projects, and publish technical and scientific research in leading journals worldwide. 

Student Research Incentive

Research is a fundamental and challenging part of the master’s degree. Therefore, MiM stimulates students to be critical thinkers, motivating them to engage in collaboration activities with partner teaching and research institutions, publish their research, and participate in congresses worldwide. 


FGV EBAPE offers complete and up-to-date databases. It is an outstanding collection in Brazil, and students can access extensive databases and indexes at the school’s premises or online. 

Students and professors can access content and case studies from the Harvard Business School (HBS). They have the right to a digital subscription to the Financial Times (FT) platform, with access to the research area and complete content on business, careers, news, and sustainability. 

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