Program duration
22 months
Application period
19/07 - 15/11/2023
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Program Duration

Regular Class 

The Master is completed in 22 months, with the approval and defense of the Final Paper. 

Frequency and hours

Regular Class 

With face-to-face classes at the headquarters of FGV EBAPE, in Botafogo, the program starts in February with classes taking place between 6:30 pm and 9:45 pm. 

All students must take two courses per academic quarter, so they attend classes at least twice a week.

Head of the Executive Master in Business Administration

Prof. Augusto Sales


Master’s Degree in Administration 

International experience

FGV EBAPE is the best choice for anyone wanting an excellent education and a rich international experience in a single program. 

Students are privileged to be part of an institution that seeks to consolidate its position in the global environment as an internationally renowned center of excellence in high-quality teaching and research in administration. 

The Executive Master in Public Administration allows students to take equivalent courses in partner institutions abroad, which is a rich learning opportunity that can be pursued in two ways: 


Academic Excellence


MEX professors stand out for their academic quality and are among the best in the country. They all hold PhDs obtained in prestigious institutions, actively participate in internationally recognized conferences and research projects, and publish technical and scientific research in leading journals worldwide. 

Student Research Incentive

Research is a fundamental and challenging part of the master’s degree. Therefore, MEX stimulates students to be critical thinkers, motivating them to engage in collaboration activities with partner teaching and research institutions, publish their research, and participate in congresses worldwide, which provides students' and the School notoriety in the field of Administration. 


FGV EBAPE offers complete and up-to-date databases. It is an outstanding collection in Brazil, and students can access extensive databases and indexes at the school’s premises or online. 

Students and professors can access content and case studies from the Harvard Business School (HBS). They have the right to a digital subscription to the Financial Times (FT) platform, with access to the research area and complete content on business, careers, news, and sustainability.  

Teaching Training


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Integration and Networking

In addition to the interaction provided within the MEX classrooms, students can take courses in other FGV EBAPE master’s degree programs, up to a limit of three elective courses.  

Such integration and networking have produced national and international alliances among FGV EBAPE graduate students, building solid partnerships between public agency managers, for example, and leading to valuable experience exchanges. 

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Multicultural experience

MEX strengthens and increases student and faculty cultural exchange, allowing students to obtain a broad multicultural experience of academic and extracurricular activities at the national and international levels. 

Students are encouraged to submit their research works to academic conferences, increasing their repertoire and network of contacts.

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Alumni Network

FGV EBAPE’s Alumni Network offers a channel so students can suggest activities, share experiences, and disseminate projects and other initiatives.

Learn about the Alumni Network 

“My participation in the Master’s Program in Business Management was crucial in my professional training, not only due to the high quality of its theoretical content but also because of the boldness of FGV EBAPE in proposing an academic program with a practical bias, prioritizing debates and providing spaces for the exchange of experiences to add real value. FGV EBAPE values ​​and consolidates the effort, dedication, and energy essential for the success of a master’s program, awakening in the participants the concern about their beliefs and the passion for the search and generation of new knowledge.” 

Carlos Ogliari

Alumno | Executive Master in Business Administration
Master’s degree in business management Human Resources Director - Marcopolo SA
Retrato do Carlos Ogliari

“The master’s program was excellent for me in several aspects due to its multidisciplinary nature, allowing me to develop my analytical and critical capacity. I was able to deepen my understanding of key issues in each area of ​​the company and expand my network, meeting and interacting with people from different companies and organizational levels, which greatly expanded my vision in the business world. In short, this experience made me a more qualified professional to perform my role as a leader and manager.” 

Ursula Mangia

IT Senior Manager & Wellstream Brazil Compliance Leader- GE Oil & Gas Alumna of the Master’s Program in Business Management
Retrato da Ursula

“The format of the executive master’s program at FGV EBAPE was perfect for me to study with the academic rigor of the best business school in the country without having to interrupt my professional activities. One of the aspects that made a difference was to develop an even more holistic and broad view of the issues we deal with professionally. This makes the difference between being able to create best practices or adapting them to the context, as opposed to simply using pre-made recipes.” 

Joao Henrique Saravia

Executive master’s degree in business management Rio 2016 Supply Director - Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
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“The master’s program at FGV EBAPE provided a deep reading of economic, political, social, and corporate scenarios to improve the competitiveness of companies and decision-making as a leader. The courses complemented my knowledge, adding value to my career.” 

Leyla Nascimento

Master’s degree in business management President of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources – National ABRH and Managing Partner of Instituto Capacitare
Retrato da Leyla

Four International Accreditations

FGV EBAPE is a well-known and reputed school, recognized by leading international accreditation institutions for its outstanding programs, faculty, and syllabus: 

Professional Master
Executive Master in Business Administration
Rio de Janeiro

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