Program duration
18 months
Class starts
Application period
01/02 - 01/09/2024
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IMPM has a total duration of 18 months over five learning modules. Throughout the program, executives are immersed in each partner business school, with headquarters in Brazil, the UK, Canada, Japan, and India. Students spend approximately 10 days in each of these institutions. 

Frequency and hours

Each module is held in a different country, lasting 10 calendar days, without breaks at weekends. Check below the next dates in each institution: 


Module 1:  The reflective mindset: self control
  • Location: University of Lancaster, Lancaster, United Kingdom 

    Date: Sunday, September 10 to Wednesday, September 20, 2023 

Module 2: The Analytical Mindset: Managing Organizations 
  • Location: McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

    Date: Sunday, November 19 to Wednesday, November 29, 2023 

Module 3: Global Mindset: Managing the context 
  • Location: Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore, India 

    Date: Sunday, January 21 to Wednesday, January 31, 2024 

Module 4: Collaborative mindset: relationship management 
  • Location: Yokohama National University, Japan 

    Date: Sunday, May 12 to Wednesday, May 22, 2024 

Module 5: Action Mindset: Change Management 
  • Location: FGV EBAPE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

    Date: Sunday, September 8 to Wednesday, September 18, 2024 


Declaration of participation 

Head of the International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM) 

Professor Alexandre Faria (Head of the IMPM in Brazil) 

Preparing leaders

Transforming organizations

IMPM promotes a rich knowledge exchange among executives from various continents – leaders of large companies from different sectors. Classes are conducted through innovative pedagogical tools and personalized support, which enriches learning and promotes behavioral changes. 

The modular format means the executive will not be absent from their work for long. In addition, the fees are extremely competitive, with an excellent return. 


A new curriculum built around management challenges

Diversity is the basis of IMPM, a feature that should be part of a truly exceptional manager. As an authentically international program, it offers experienced managers and entrepreneurs worldwide a unique opportunity to reflect and learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences. Learning and exchange take place in five leading business schools in five countries. 

The classes are composed of entrepreneurs, family business managers, professionals, and senior managers who work in major global corporations and public sector institutions based on five continents, such as UnitedHealth Group, Astrazeneca, IBM, HP, Boeing, Bayer, and Fairmont Hotels. 

Innovative approach

Transformative learning

IMPM offers numerous educational innovations to help leaders reach all their potentials.

Managerial Mindsets

Time dedicated to reflections and insights

Reflection is the basis for impactful learning. Thus, the beginning of each class is reserved for a moment of careful analysis, with debates on issues that bring contributions from the faculty, insights from other participants, and their own experiences. Students are encouraged to register all exchanges performed with the group and share their views to generate critical thinking and stimulate behavioral changes. 

Friendly Consulting

Friendly consulting is a process of sharing skills that focuses on the types of challenges and opportunities that senior managers face in their business environments. Students ask questions related to issues they are addressing at work within the group and benefit from the exchange of ideas and perceptions of other program participants, expanding their vision for strategic decision-making. 

Managerial Exchanges

Throughout the program, students gather to exchange experiences and act as a host in their company or as a visitor in the workplace of other participants: it is a unique and extremely enriching opportunity during which other managers can observe their peers in action and provide extremely constructive and powerful feedback. 

Impact Teams

IMPM changes people so that they can change organizations. Impact teams consist of forming teams between colleagues who discuss corporation issues and propose constructive changes. It is a practical experience that develops teamwork and assists in developing leaders. Thus, the student, the company, and society win. 

Reflection Papers

At the end of each module, students write a reflection paper, which contains the main concepts learned. Students have the support of a tutor and a team of colleagues, and it is an excellent strategy for assimilating all the knowledge acquired in that module. 

Four International Accreditations

FGV EBAPE is a well-known and reputed school, recognized by leading international accreditation institutions for its outstanding programs, faculty, and syllabus:


“The IMPM is a very different program from what most schools offer. With an innovative format focused on the mindset that managers develop over the cycles, it continuously encourages us to apply concepts and practices through deep reflection and classes with the best professors from five of the best business schools in the world. 

The integration and exchange of professional and life experiences with people from all continents and at the highest executive level make the program unique. The opportunity to participate in countries with different cultures, in well-prepared environments, makes IMPM a powerful journey of personal and professional development.” 

Pedro Iootty

Engineer at BNDES – Brazilian Development Bank
Retrato do Pedro Iootty

In September 2019, I was fortunate to participate in the Action Mindset module directed by Professor Alexandre Faria of the Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas. This experience has had a significant impact on me both professionally and personally. Importantly, our mindsets around diversity and difference have changed. I thank Professor Faria for his continued support and encouragement and would like to end this testimonial with a quote from Alex, which I believe conveys the spirit of the Action Mindset module: ‘Because we are equal, we have the right to difference and coexistence. Our secret is to respect and recognize those who are different in an innovative and generous way.’ 

Kathryn Munt

CEO of Phoenix Learning and Development - United Kingdom
retrato da Kathryn

“During the Analytical Mindset module, we were exposed to different approaches to strategy and planning. This had a big impact on our company. We did a complete overhaul of the strategic planning process. This new process allowed us to be more agile, encouraged flexibility, and enabled strategies to emerge outside normal business planning cycles. Toward the end of the program, visiting one of my LG colleagues in Korea, I realized that our company is vulnerable to disruptive technology. As a result, we launched a company in partnership with one of the best IT universities in Brazil. We believe this will save our business.” 

Gustavo Miotti

Member of the Soprano Electrometallurgical Council - Brazil
Foto do Gustavo Miotti
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