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Portuguese | The International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM) is an international masters program focused on the practice of managing. Co-founded by Professor Henry Mintzberg in 1996, the program is designed for very experienced managers and entrepreneurs, to help them become even better managers and leaders, and to make a lasting impact on their organisations and societies.

The IMPM is not a domestic program with foreign activities, but one truly balanced across different parts of the world and centered in none – so that each location feels both local and foreign. The intention is to create worldly managers rather than global managers.

Participants from different parts of the world travel to different institutions for each module and spend a period of two weeks immersed in the culture and knowledge of the host country. While there, they also go on field studies to local organisations, observe different managerial practices, and learn from the diverse insights and perceptions of fellow participants – especially those from the host country. The current cycle of IMPM embraces three of the four BRIC economies: India, China and Brazil, as well as UK and Canada.

EBAPE-FGV hosts and coordinates the final module of the program, which looks at managing continuity and change. The participants are expected to develop a richer understanding of change and continuity and what informs and determines good action in Brazil. At EBAPE, they also present conclusions and analyze what they have learned over the period of 18 months. A significant part of the module is dedicated to presentations of the Impact Ventures – the program-long projects where participants work together to lead change initiatives back in their organisations.

For further information, please contact info@impm.org.