Honor Board

(Last updated in: 12/06/2016 - 8:29am)

The EBAPE awards scholarships to the top 10 students who have achieved the highest accumulated yield coefficient (CR) throughout the course.

Merit Scholarships are awarded on the following basis:

1st and 2nd placed students are awarded a 100% scholarship;
3st and 4nd placed students are awarded a 90% scholarship;
5st and 6nd placed students are awarded an 80% scholarship;
7st and 8nd placed students are awarded a 70% scholarship;
9th and 10th placed students are awarded a 60% scholarship.

To be eligible for scholarships, students must meet the following requirements:

a) Regularly enrolled during the semester in which the scholarship will be awarded;
b) Have no outstanding debt with the School regarding the non-exempt percentage of their monthly tuition fees and/or other charges arising from their undergraduate degrees;
c) Have an accumulated performance coefficient (CR) higher than 7;
d) Have attended and completed at least two semesters;
e) Have not completed the course in the semester prior to being granted the scholarship.

Best Students

1st place

Bruno de Paula Santana

2nd place

Gustavo Rodero

3rd place

Leila Kirch

4th place

Tatianne Yuri Morioka

5th place

Gabriel da Silva Parada

6th place

Bruno Rafaeli Cavaroli

7th place

Cicero Carlos Santos da Cunha

8th place

Simone Ormelezi Soga

9th place

Levi Santa Brigida dos Santos

10th place

Gilberto Luiz Goffi da Costa