Graduate Seminars

(Last updated in: 05/04/2018 - 5:28pm)

Seminar Coordinator: Prof Alketa Peci

The Graduate Seminars program is designed to foster high-level discussions of research projects under way in the Administration field and related areas.The Graduate Seminars are held throughout the entire academic year, and the sessions are scheduled based on the availability of guest researchers, who present their working papers. Attendees have access to the papers in advance in order to prepare for the discussions on the proposed topic.

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1st Semester | 2018
Jan 17 Joana Monteiro
Keeping the dream alive: The role of expectancy in police pay-for-performance programs
Feb 07 Klenio Barbosa
Bank Competition and the Limits of Creditor’s Protection Reforms
Mar 07 Claudia Nancy Avellaneda
Indiana University
Political Hawks vs Technocrats. The Impact of Governor's Career Path on Gubernatorial Performance. 
Mar 14 Mathew Chylinski
University of New South Wales
Experience Infusion: How To Improve Customer Experience With Incidental Activities.
Mar 21 Solon Moreira
IESE Business School
Post-Acquisition R&D Team Reorganization and Innovation Capability Building
Mar 28 Henry Lopez-Vega
Jönköping University
Open innovation in emerging markets: A longitudinal study of the antecedents, micro-foundations, and outcomes of dynamic capabilities.
Apr 18 André Portela Souza
FGV EESP / São Paulo School of Economics
Technical Education, Noncognitive Skills and Labor Market Outcomes:

Experimental Evidence from Brazil.
Apr 25 Tassia Cruz
FGV School of Public Policy and Government
Monopsony Power in the Brazilian Teacher Labor Market
May 02 Pedro Henrique Forquesato
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
To the Victor Belongs the Spoils? Party Membership and Public Sector Employment in Brazil.
May 23 Luiz Gustavo de Andrade Alves
University of São Paulo
The dynamical structure of political corruption networks.
May 30 Marcia Barbosa
Rio Grande do Sul Federal University
Women in Science: Why so few? 
Jun 06 Pedro Matos
University of Virginia
To be informed.