Graduate Seminars

(Last updated in: 06/23/2017 - 5:38pm)

Seminar Coordinator: Prof. Rafael Goldszmidt

The Graduate Seminars program is designed to foster high-level discussions of research projects under way in the Administration field and related areas. Although these Seminars are intended for all MSc and PhD students, researchers and PhD Students from outside the EBAPE are welcome. Graduate Seminars are held throughout the entire academic year, depending on the availability of guest researchers.
Speakers present working papers (such as papers being submitted or reviewed for journals or conferences). Participants can access these papers in advance, in order to read them and prepare for discussions of the proposed topic.

Date Speaker Theme
25-Jan Guilherme Lichand University of Zurich, Switzerland Cognitive Droughts
1-Feb Soren Askegaard SDU, University of Southern Denmark Fashion Market Encounters: Towards a Theory of Institutionalized Seduction
15-Feb  Francisco Costa EPGE, Brazil Environmental Regulation, Technology Adoption and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazilian Sugarcane Industry
8-Mar Marcelo F. Costa USP, Brazil CANCELLED
29-mar Sandro Cabral, INSPER, SP, BraziL  The Private Scope in Public Private Collaborations: An Institutional and Capability Based Perspective
3-Apr Michael Weber University of Chicago, EUA The Long Shadow of Jewish Persecution on Financial Decisions
19-April Gabriel Ulyssea, IE / PUC-Rio Is Informality an Employment Buffer? Evidence from the
Trade Liberalization in Brazil
21-Jun Cecilia Machado FGV/EPGE Centralized Admission and the Student-College Match
28-Jun Rodrigo Reis Soares FGV/EESP      Does Universalization of Health Work? Evidence from Health Systems Restructuring and Maternal and Child Health in Brazil

¹ This Graduate Seminar is being held in collaboration with the Center of Banking and Finance in Rio.
² Important Note: Prof. Michael Weber’s Seminar will be held on a different week day (Monday, April 3rd).

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