Graduate Seminars

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Seminar Coordinator: Prof. Robert Gregory Michener

The Graduate Seminars program is designed to foster high-level discussions of research projects under way in the Administration field and related areas. Although these Seminars are intended for all MSc and PhD students, researchers and PhD Students from outside the EBAPE are welcome. Graduate Seminars are held throughout the entire academic year, depending on the availability of guest researchers.
Speakers present working papers (such as papers being submitted or reviewed for journals or conferences). Participants can access these papers in advance, in order to read them and prepare for discussions of the proposed topic.The provisional schedule for the 2nd Term is available below. Please note that it will be updated in due course. Click here to receive news feeds via e-mail.

2nd Term 2017
Aug 23 Umberto Mignozetti | FGV School of Social Sciences When does Clientelism Pay Off? Legislature Size and Welfare in Brazil
Sept 21* Khalid Nadvi  | The University of Manchester Global value chains and the rise of the Global South: Unpacking 21st  century polycentric trade
Sept 27 Delane Botelho | FGV EAESP Frugality: Antecedents, Consequents and Implications for Consumer Welfare
Oct 4 Hulya Karaman | Emory University Competition and the Impact of Online Reviews on Product Financial Performance: Evidence from the Hotel Industry
Oct 20** Venkatesh Shankar | Texas A&M University Identifying and Estimating Brand Satiation Using Purchase Data
Oct 25 Klenio Barbosa | Insper Cancelled
Nov 22 Ruy Monteiro Ribeiro | PUC Rio Department of Economics Term Structure(s) of Equity Risk Premium
Dec 6 Sérgio Lazzarini | Insper
Dec 13  Thomas Maximilian Klueter | University of Navarra Myopia in Partnership Formation between Established and Startup Firms: The Role of R&D Successes and Failures

*Exceptionally on Thursday at 2:00 p.m.
**Exceptionally on Friday

1st Term | 2017

Additional information and enrolment by e-mail