Enrollment and Selection Process

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MSc Open Day




MSc in Administration
Application period July 3rd – October 16th, 2017
Interviews October 25 – 27, 2017
Results November 13th, 2017
Registration period November 27th – December  05th, 2017
Levelling Course January 2nd, 2018
Classes begin January 8th, 2018

* Please note that FGV will not be open on Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th.




Application period December 4, 2017 – March 9, 2018
Interviews March 21 - 23, 2017


Classes begin August 1st, 2017
Registration period To be informed

Phase 1 –Examination of Academic Record

A list of the documents is given below that are required for participation in the MSc or PhD Program Selection Process:

  • Results of one of the following content tests
    • Teste ANPAD
      Minimum percentile: 90% (Validity: 2 anos)
    • Teste ANPEC
      Minimum percentile: 90% (Validity: 2 anos)
    • GMAT
      Minimum percentile:  600 (Validity: 3 anos)
    • GRE
      Minimum percentile:  155 - Verbal Thinking / 155 – Quantitative Thinking (Validity: 3 years)
  • Results of one of the following English language proficiency tests, within its respective validity period:
  • Curriculum Vitae.(Preferably the Lattes Curriculum or compliant with the Lattes Platform.)
  • Letter of introduction from the candidate explaining why he/she wishes to pursue a MSc or PhD in Administration at EBAPE, research interests and other aspects that the candidate feels are relevant (no more than two pages);
  • Two letters of recommendation from researcher professors, who may be with the EBAPE or from some other FGV school, or another teaching and/or research institution. These letters must focus on the capabilities, motivation and availability of the candidate for engaging in high-quality scientific research in a full-time program.
  • Notarized copy(ies) of Undergraduate diploma and Master’s Degree diploma for doctoral candidates.
    Obs.: Documentos emitidos por instituições estrangeiras somente serão aceitos para a participação no processo seletivo. Isto é, caso o candidato seja aprovado, serão solicitadas traduções juramentadas de todos os documentos apresentados em língua estrangeira. A consularização dos documentos será também necessária para regularização da matrícula. A FGV poderá orientar o candidato com relação aos procedimentos, caso necessário.
  • Notarized copy of Undergraduate Academic Record.
    Note: documents issued by foreign institutions will be accepted only for participation in the Selection Process. This means that if a candidate is approved, sworn translations will be required of all documents presented in languages other than Portuguese. Documents must also be consularized for completing the enrolment procedures. The FGV may advise candidates about these procedures, if necessary.
  • Three colored photographs (3 x 4).
  • Notarized copy of an identity document.  (Foreign candidates must provide a notarized copy of a passport or a Brazilian identity card for foreigners (RNE) and, once approved through the Selection Process, must also present a student visa. The deadline for submission of the Visa expires at the start of the second quarter of the academic year. The SRA reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of any student failing to meet this deadline.)
  • Notarized copy of Brazilian Personal Tax (CPF) document.  (For foreign candidates, this will be required only after approval through the Selection Process, as it is one of the documents required to complete enrollment.)
  • Notarized copy of birth certificate or marriage certificate.
  • Completed and signed enrollment form. In order to complete the enrollment form, Brazilian candidates or foreigners with a Brazilian identity card for foreigners (RNE) must register through the online enrolment system. In order to access the on-line enrollment system, candidates must click on the “Enroll” link that is available online during the second semester of each year. Foreign students without RNE cards must request an enrollment form from the following address: msc.phd@fgv.br.
  • Documentary proof of payment. of the enrolment fee (R$ 50.00). The bank payment slip will be generated automatically after completion of the Enrollment Form.
  • Candidates must forward all the above documentation to the FGV Academic Records Office (SRA) (see full address below). When submitting the documents, candidates will be given a confirmation of receipt form signed by the SRA, validating the received documentation. Candidates not living in the city of Rio de Janeiro may submit documentation through the mail, using the SEDEX express delivery service with notification of receipt. The envelope must display the following information:
    1. MSc candidates: Selection Process – MSc – FGV/EBAPE
    2. PhD candidates: Selection Process – PhD – FGV/EBAPE

It is important to stress that if the documentation is not handed in personally, enrollment will be completed only after validation of all documentation by the FGV Academic Records Office.

Address of the Academic Records Office (SRA)
Academic Records Office (SRA)
Praia de Botafogo 190, 3rd floor, room 314
CEP: 22.250-900, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Note: Entry to the FGV premises is not permitted when wearing shorts and/or sandals.

Phase 2 – Interview

After an initial selection based on the information in the submitted documentation, candidates approved during Phase 1 are contacted for an interview conducted in English.

Important: Candidates approved through the Selection Process may enroll only through presentation of all original documentation (or notarized copies as listed under the item headed Phase 1). Foreign candidates must also present student visas when enrolling. The FGV reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of any student failing to comply with the requirements set forth above by the start of the second quarter of the academic year.