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Who should Attend?

IMPM participants are usually sponsored by their company and companies such as Lufthansa, Fujitsu, LG and BNDES have been sending managers for years. We also welcome entrepreneurs and individual participants.

Very experienced managers

The IMPM welcomes experienced practicing managers, executives and leaders from all over the world who are open to learning through new experiences and want to take their leadership skills to the next level.

Participants are typically 35-55 years of age with over 15 years’ work experience, including extensive managerial experience.

Why such criteria? Because the entire IMPM premise is based on sharing managerial experiences and insights in order for managers to help each other grow and develop.

Venues & Places

Schedules, Fees, Application

Upcoming Cycle 22

Module 1 LANCASTER UNIVERSITY, LANCASTER, UK THE REFLECTIVE MINDSET: Managing Self Sunday September 16 at 6 pm to Wednesday September 26 at 3pm, 2018
Module 2 MCGILL UNIVERSITY, MONTREAL, CANADA THE ANALYTIC MINDSET: Managing Organizations Sunday February 10 at 6pm to Wednesday February 20 at 3pm, 2019
Module 3 YOKOHAMA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, YOKOHAMA, JAPAN THE COLLABORATIVE MINDSET: Managing Relationships Monday May 27th at 6pm to Thursday June 6 at 3pm, 2019
Module 4 EBAPE/FGV, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL THE ACTION MINDSET: Managing Change Monday September 23 at 4pm to Thursday October 2 at 3pm, 2019 
Module 5 IIM, BANGALORE, INDIA THE WORLDLY MINDSET: Managing Context Sunday January 12 to Wednesday January 22 at 3 pm, 2020