About IMPM

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The IMPM Approach

"The IMPM is about doing a better job,  not just getting a better job."
Henry Mintzberg (co-founder of the IMPM and author of Managers not MBAs)

The IMPM is an international executive masters program focused on the practice of managing. It is designed for very experienced managers and entrepreneurs, to help them become even better managers and leaders, and to make a lasting impact on their organisations.

The IMPM is the most authentically international masters program you will find. It creates many perspectives on management and business as it moves between different countries and business schools. The program is based on five 10-day modules in the UK, Canada, India, China and Brazil, thus offering a major experience of three of the four BRIC countries.


If you want to know what the difference is between the IMPM program and an MBA: 

Tends to attract those of limited managerial experience Designed for very experienced managers typically 35-55 years old 
Focuses on functional skills such as accounting, finance and marketing Focuses on management mindsets (reflective, analytical, worldly, collaborative, action)
Classroom setting is typically amphitheatre style, with the professor lecturing at the front of the room Managers sit at roundtables, to better share their experience, and there are frequent company and site visits
The MBA is based on management as a science rooted in analysis The IMPM is based on management as a practice, combining art, craft and science
Adopts the analyst’s point of view Adopts the manager's point of view
Focuses on learning how to apply theories and makes extensive use of case studies Focuses on insights and learning derived from the manager's experience

Impact Ventures

What sets the IMPM apart?

Impact Ventures

Participants develop an “Impact Venture”. This approach involves active learning. It can be in the form of an individual program-long project focused on bringing about change in their own work environment, which encourages participants to probe a company issue that would otherwise not have been addressed or would have been dealt with differently if not for the IMPM. Alternatively, it may involve leading workshops on some of the IMPM classes back home in the company. As a final step, participants are asked to take a look inward and reflect on their ability to affect change, as well as on their company’s ability to accept it.

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