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The IMM (formely an International Master’s in Management) is an advanced Executive MBA program specially developed for those experienced professionals who would like to take a master’s in administration while at the same time fulfilling their normal working responsibilities. The collaborative efforts of five renowned schools from around the world have ensured that this is a truly international program. Participants benefit from international classmates and an international faculty, as well as having the opportunity to take in-residence classes in a variety of different locations worldwide.   

In the IMM program, students travel with their classmates to seven different countries on four continents. Such an approach enables students to understand and experience different ways of doing business in each of the locations visited, something that is integrated into the teaching in the classroom as well as into the cultural experiences offered. This approach, with its many different facets, allows managers to experience different perspectives, which in turn enables them to deal with a business environment that is increasingly globalized. Linked strictly to the content and modules of the programs, the members of our faculty ensure that learning through these modules is integrated both by content and by location.    

The IMM is a collaborative initiative run by five business schools: 

The program focuses on those analytical techniques that can easily be applied to students'’ own work environments. Case studies and situations that arise in the workplace are important components of the program. Team work and the program’s lessons go beyond the residencies alone, thanks to the use of Internet technologies that help establish a permanent link between professors and students. 

Why is the IMM different?

The program offers a unique opportunity to construct an excellent business network. Participants work alongside managers at intermediate and senior levels of major international corporations and learn things that may well prove extremely useful to them and their companies in the future.  

Those students who complete the program will be awarded two master’s degrees: an MBA from Purdue, and either an MBA from TiasNimbas Business School of Tilburg University or an MBA from the Central European University, CEU, Budapest. 

The IMM program has international accreditation from AACSB International (Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business).

Some important figures:

  • Program duration: 19 months, beginning with a week of orientation at Purdue University in March of the first year. The subsequent classes are distributed over five residencies of two weeks each, which differs from traditional executive MBAs, where classes are offered at night or on alternating weekends;
  • Average age of participants: 38;
  • Minimum work experience required: 5 years
  • Average professional experience of participants: 13 to 15 years; 
  • Average class size: 25 to 30 students. 


Contact person in Rio de Janeiro: Mrs. Monica Balanda


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