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The International Masters in Management (IMM) is an advanced Executive MBA Program designed for professionals with experience seeking an MBA while still meeting their job responsibilities.  The cooperative efforts of five highly-respected Business Schools around the world make the IMM a fully global Program whose participants benefit from international classes and faculty, in addition to residency sessions held at various locations.

With the IMM program, students and their classes travel to five countries on four continents.  This approach ensures that students understand and build up hands-on experience of how business is done at each of the locations visited, seamlessly integrated into classroom lessons and cultural experiences.  This multi-faceted approach allows managers to develop different outlooks for dealing with increasingly more globalized business contexts.  Linked closely to the Program content and modules, Faculty members ensure that the module-based learning process is integrated in terms of content and location.

The IMM is a cooperative initiative involving five Business Schools:

The program focuses on analytical techniques that are easily applicable to student workplaces.  Case studies and on-the-job situations are crucial components of the Program.  Teamwork and teaching activities continue under this Program, extending beyond residency sessions through Internet technology linking instructors and students. 

Why is the IMM different?

This Program is a unique opportunity to build up an excellent network of business contacts.  Participants learn together with middle and senior management at major international corporations, which may be extremely useful for the future careers of participants and their companies. 

On completing this Program, students are awarded two Master’s Degrees: an MBA from Purdue and an MBA from the TiasNimbas Business School at Tilburg University, or an MBA from the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. 

The IMM has been awarded international accreditation by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).

A few important facts:

  • Program duration: twenty months, starting with Orientation Week at Purdue University in March of the first year.  The subsequent classroom sessions are divided into five two-week residency sessions that differ from traditional Executive MBA structures offering classes at night or alternating weekends;
  • Average Age: 37 years’ old
  • Professional Experience: Usually 10 – 15 years
  • Typical Class Size: 35 to 40 students.


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