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Study at the only Portuguese Business School among Europe's Top 25 and the Best Master in Management in Portugal and spend one year in Lisbon, an amazing city that was classified as the Best World Destination in 2013. Lisbon is one of the most visited European capitals, that attracts people from all over the world with its vibrant culture, young atmosphere and its temperate climate, which is conducive to many exciting outdoor activities.

A Double Degree with CATÓLICA-LISBON and FGV/EBAPE (FGV’s School of Administration in Rio de Janeiro) can be the best passport for an international career!

Enroll in the CATÓLICA-FGV/EBAPE Double Degree program and you will be awarded two degrees:

  • International Master of Science in Management, majors in Marketing or Strategy & Consulting from CATÓLICA-LISBON
  • and
  • Executive Master´s in Business Administration from FGV-Rio (Mestrado Executivo em Gestão Empresarial)

Through this Double Degree program, students will have the possibility to study 3 terms in Lisbon (CATÓLICA-LISBON) and the 3 terms in Rio de Janeiro (FGV/EBAPE). Both programs will be taught in English.

This is the perfect opportunity to increase your cultural and international exposure, experiencing two of the most amazing cities in the world: Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. The CATÓLICA-FGV/EBAPE Double Degree program is your gateway to the Portuguese speaking Economies.

Spend one year at CATÓLICA-LISBON followed by a second year at FGV/EBAPE and get two diplomas. A Double Degree experience offers you the opportunity to gain a deep international understanding. At the end of the program you will be granted two degrees.  Above all, the international immersion gained through this experience is highly valued by recruiters and likely to increase the potential for an international career. This is the perfect opportunity to increase your cultural and international exposure, experiencing two of the most amazing cities in the world: Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

Current Requirements (FROM Católica Lisbon):

  • Applications available only for September intake, 1st round applicants.
  • Admission to the International Master of Science in Management: in order to apply for this Double Degree candidates must apply and be admitted first to the IMScMA.
  • In addition to the Statement of Purpose for the IMScMA program, candidates are asked to include a motivation letter for the Double Degree, stating to the Admissions Committee from CATÓLICA-LISBON why they should be selected/considered for this program.
  • After admission to the IMScMA, the Admissions Committee will pre-select and interview the candidates for the Double Degree. These interviews will take place in Lisbon, on the CATÓLICA-LISBON campus.
  • Admitted students are required to achieve an average of at least 14/20 in their first year at CATÓLICA-LISBON in order to complete the Double Degree program.

Information about tuition fees will soon be available.

Program Of Study In Rio De Janeiro - Overview

In order to obtain the MESTRADO EM GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL degree (the degree awarded by FGV/ EBAPE), the student will need to successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits (12 disciplines) and a Master’s Dissertation. 4( four) of these subjects are required and 8 (eight) are electives. Of these subjects, 2 (two) required courses and 2 (two) electives will have been taken during the student’s time in Lisbon and will therefore be validated by EBAPE.

In addition, the following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for a degree from EBAPE:

  • Complete the required 24 program credits, including:
    • Minimum of 75% attendance for each course
    • Defend the Master’s Dissertation/Final Coursework
  • Except in cases of medical necessity, military obligation, or exceptional personal circumstances that have been communicated to the Academic Program Office in writing, students should expect to follow the PROGRAM CALENDAR, as outlined below.


Lisbon, Portugal:

Term 1 – September-October
Term 2 – November-January
Term 3 – February-April

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Term 4 – April-June
Term 5 – August-October
Term 6 – October-December – Work on final coursework. Please note that Research Seminars classes will be offered between mid-October to mid-December.

Final Coursework:

  • By April 11 th : Submission of thesis proposal
  • By July 18 th: Submission of approved project
  • Coursework defense/presentation: December 14 th,15 th and 16th
  • December : Farewell Party (date T.B.C.)


(some courses may be subject to change)