(Last updated in: 03/02/2017 - 11:32am)

Contemporary strategic management of National Defense discussed in book published by FGV

FGV and Escola Superior de Guerra (ESG) launched the book “Desafios Gerenciais em Defesa” [Management Challenges in Defense] on February 8 at ESG, in the Southern Urca district of Rio de Janeiro. Organized by Paulo Roberto de Mendonça Motta, Valentina Gomes Haensel Schmitt and Carlos Antônio Raposo Vasconcellos and published by FGV, the book gathers information from 23 collaborators and scholars on the Brazilian Armed forces, across 15 chapters.

The book addresses contemporary aspects regarding the strategic management of National Defense, the relevance of culture and multiculturalism, leadership, budgeting processes, logistics and personnel management, among other related topics.

One of the goals is to present management approaches for major institutions, including the Armed Forces, across the land, sea, air and space frontiers. Among the work’s high points is the dimension of cyberspace, endless information storage possibilities, and links between virtual and actual battlefields.

One of the highlights of the event was the speech by professor Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, FGV’s president, who emphasized the need for constant investment in the Armed Forces, as well as the technological advancement benefits that this sector can provide to society in general.