(Last updated in: 11/25/2016 - 6:00pm)

General Requirements

Always delighted to welcome students from other schools with which it has agreements, EBAPE requires that they be recommended by the partner institutions where they are currently studying.  It must also ascertain that there are no matters pending with these institutions, while also ensuring that their academic levels are appropriate to the Program for which they are applying. 

Specific Academic Requirements

For candidates to qualify for Master’s Programs, they must present documentary evidence proving that they are graduate students, or have completed the Master I course at the Grandes Écoles.


All foreign students wishing to study at EBAPE must obtain student visas.  Students who are not Brazilian citizens or do not have permanent residence permits must apply for student visas at the Brazilian consulate or embassy closest to their homes, after receiving their Letter of Acceptance from EBAPE.
Having received final confirmation that they have been accepted for the course, students must email a copy of the student visa at least fifteen days before the starting date of the classes for which they are enrolled.
Students must check the requirements and deadlines for obtaining visas through contacting the Brazilian consulate or embassy closest to their homes.  The EBAPE International Relations Department is always willing to help, when possible.

Registering with the Federal Police in Brazil

All foreign students wishing to spend three months or more in Brazil must register with the Federal Police (whose agents usually advise students of this requirement on their arrival in Brazil) within no more than thirty calendar days after their arrival date.

In addition to presenting documents and paying the necessary fees, students must provide the Federal Police with a copy of the visa slip (which is usually stapled to passports when visas are granted by consulates). 

Foreign students intending to spend more than three months in Brazil must provide EBAPE with a copy of their Federal Police registration document during the first month after classes begin.  Should this document not be presented by the stipulated deadline, the student’s registration will be cancelled automatically.

English Language Requirements

For courses taught in English, foreign students must present documentation proving that they have the necessary knowledge of the language, handing in copies of their IELTS or TOEFL certificates, or an equivalent qualification.  For students without certificates, EBAPE will accept declarations from their advisors on school letterheads, confirming that a student is fluent in English.  The IELTS test requirements are: final GPA of at least 6.5, with no grade of less than 6.0 for the four skills tested.  For the TOEFL IBT (Internet Based Test), the final GPA must be at least 88, with no individual grade falling below 19.

Documents Required

Application Deadline

The academic calendar varies year by year, with the necessary documentation being submitted no later than three months before the start of the academic period.  The International Office will advise partner schools of the Program dates.


  • Cópia do visto de estudante;
  • Cópia do passaporte - primeira página, contendo os detalhes do aluno e a página onde se encontra o visto;
  • Duas fotos coloridas recentes - 3cm x 4cm. As fotos deverão:
    • Ser tiradas com um fundo branco;
    • Ser claras e de boa qualidade;
    • Sem moldura ou sem nada no verso;
    • Impressas em papel fotográfico;
    • Do rosto todo;
    • Sem óculos escuros, chapéu ou qualquer outro tipo de adereço, a não ser por razões religiosas. Neste caso, o rosto deverá necessariamente estar descoberto.
  • International Student Application Form - este formulário solicita informação para os arquivos do International Office;
  • Requerimento - formulário para constar informação acerca das disciplinas escolhidas para uso pela Secretaria Acadêmica;
  • Academic Enrolment Form - junto com o “requerimento”, este formulário contém informação necessária sobre o aluno para ser inserida no sistema eletrônico de matrícula;
  • Carta oficial ou email da escola de origem, fazendo a nomeação do aluno para o programa de intercâmbio da EBAPE;
  • Cópia do histórico escolar demonstrando claramente o nível acadêmico do aluno, isto é, se o aluno é de graduação ou de mestrado.

The documentation listed above must be submitted by email, forwarded to, presenting the original documents on arrival in Brazil.