Cesar Zucco Junior

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Phone: (55 21) 3799 6149

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Educational Background

Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (2007);  Master's in Political science from IUPERJ - Rio de Janeiro Graduate Research Institute (2000); Law Degree from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (1999).

Professional Experience

Joined FGV in july 2013. Served previously as an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (2001-2013), and in a visiting capacity at Princeton (2009-2011) and at IUPERJ (2008-2009). Was a fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics in Princeton (2006-2007), and at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale (2010). His work has appeared in some of the leading journals in Political Science (such as in the American Journal of Political Science and Journal of Politics),  Latin American Studies (Latin American Politics e Society, Latin American Research Review, and Journal of Latin American Studies), among others.

fields of Interests

  • Parties and Elections in Latin America
  • Measurement and Meaning of Ideology
  • Political Determinants and Consequences of Social Policies
  • Research Designs for Causal Inference


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